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Magnet Forensics REVIEW

Magnet Review empowers your investigative team members – both inside and outside your organization – to securely collaborate and review digital evidence from any of your data sources, and from anywhere in the world.  

Review now makes it even faster and easier for you to bring your investigative teams and their evidence together, with new software-as-a-service-based cloud delivery options designed to simplify access and management – users and administrators can access Review through their web browser with no special hardware or software required and nothing to install, manage, or upgrade.

Magnet product integrations and user features help streamline your digital investigations and enable reviewers to quickly and easily find the evidence they need. 

Simplify access and management with Cloud-based delivery

Today’s larger and more complex digital investigations drive the need for innovative software solutions and infrastructure to support them. Cloud technology can help organizations quickly adapt, enabling easily accessible and scalable solution deployments while at the same time helping to maintain data security and regulatory compliance. 

To help you and your teams get started with online digital evidence review even faster and easier, the Magnet team is introducing new software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery options for Review. Powered by AWS and managed by Magnet Forensics, these new SaaS-based options leverage secure cloud technology to simplify both stakeholder access and solution management. Users don’t need a high-powered computer or special software to view their evidence, nor do they need to download their data – all their case evidence is easily accessible through their web browser. Administrators don’t require expensive hardware or software installation to manage Review either, and with SaaS delivery, they also don’t have to worry about downloading and applying upgrades or maintaining and supporting the system, saving valuable time and resources. 

With Review Lite, you can now get started with online digital evidence review for free! Simply visit to create your free account, which allows you to store up to three cases simultaneously and share them with an unlimited number of reviewers. New in-app walkthroughs and support resources are also available to help you and your users quickly familiarize yourselves with Review’s features and functionality. 

If your organization requires more advanced user and system management capabilities, we also have other SaaS-based options available to help you provision users and control Review across your teams, including both internal and external stakeholders.

Easily share evidence across your tools and sources

Review includes integrations with other Magnet products and third-party tools to help you easily share all your digital evidence in one unified online review solution.  

You can share evidence from Magnet Axiom and Magnet Axiom Cyber directly to Review with just a few clicks, including the ability to customize the particular sources and artifact categories you’d like to share with your teams.  

Review also enables you to share evidence from other tools in your lab, including Cellebrite Physical Analyzer, for added flexibility and utility. When combined with Magnet Automate, you can automatically process and upload evidence to Review to help you complete your digital investigations even faster.

With Magnet Artifact IQ integration, you can upload digital evidence shared to Artifact IQ via your Graykey directly to Review, adding Artifact IQ’s rapid, actionable mobile investigative intelligence to your Review cases and providing reviewers with a more complete picture of their evidence across all their data sources  

With Review integration with our new Magnet One platform, you can unite all your digital forensics solutions across your entire workflow for improved team collaboration and faster investigations.  

Easily make sense of messaging evidence with Conversations View

A typical digital investigation today involves large volumes of messaging-related data. This data can be spread out over a plethora of communications and social apps and potentially over several source devices, complicating the identification and review of critical evidence.  

Review now includes a powerful new feature designed to help your reviewers quickly find and make sense of messaging evidence. 

Conversations View collects and organizes chat messages across various messaging applications like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat – and from all your data sources – into combined views to help your reviewers quickly identify relevant messaging evidence and review it intuitively. 

In the Review Case Dashboard, we’ve included a new Conversations card that highlights the most recent chat messaging threads from all your data sources, providing a great starting point for your investigations – you’ll see a quick summary of recent messages along with the number of messages related to each thread to help guide your search. 

Magnet Forensics REVIEW Dashboard

Conversations View in the Explorer provides a near-native viewing experience for messages. Chat messages are threaded together just as they would appear on the source application so you can follow the entire conversation. You can select the conversations from each application you’d like to include, apply sorting and filters, and view specific details from each message. 

Magnet FOrensics Review


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