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Magnet Axiom 8.0: new Mobile View, AI tools, memory analysis, and more.

We are happy to announce the release of Magnet Forensics AXIOM 8.0!

There are so many great features and capabilities in this release of Axiom—here are the top six:  

  1. New Mobile View

  2. Early access to Magnet Copilot’s AI capabilities

  3. Enhanced memory analysis

  4. Unified logs + large case performance improvements

  5. New home security camera support

  6. New and updated artifact support

Magnet Forensics AXIOM 8.0

New Mobile View

Mobile devices have become a huge part of our everyday lives, so when a crime is committed there is almost always key mobile evidence to examine and review. To help you, and your stakeholders, easily navigate and interact with mobile evidence, we have added a new Mobile View to Axiom. 

One of the key benefits of Mobile View is that it makes investigating and reviewing mobile evidence extremely easy for non-technical stakeholders, like prosecutors and detectives. The intuitive interface of Mobile View gives your stakeholders the ability to quickly and easily navigate gigabytes of data with the same ease and familiarity as scrolling through their own phone. 

Early Access to Magnet Copilot's AI

The recent surge of synthetic media or deepfakes can present significant challenges in criminal investigations, and the volume of digital evidence is ever-increasing. Magnet Copilot was introduced to help you identify deepfakes and efficiently surface relevant evidence in your cases.

The AI capabilities of Magnet Copilot have been integrated into Magnet Axiom as a free early access feature, giving you the ability to:  

  • Analyze images and videos to determine whether they are synthetic or generated media. 

  • Surface relevant results to case data for chat threads, web searches, and images. 

  • Build and apply complex filters to your data using plain language inputs.  

Enhanced Memory Analysis

When investigating malicious software designed to gain access or steal data, memory analysis can often be the key to uncovering what took place on a device. This is especially true when an attack didn’t leave an easily detectable evidence trail, like advanced persistent threats (APTs) that leverage fileless techniques. 

To enhance your ability to conduct memory analysis, we have added a new option for analyzing Microsoft crash dumps in Axiom with the integration of Comae memory analysis*. Comae adds improved support for current Windows operating systems, new insights into live system memory for modern threats as well as greatly improving the speed of processing memory in Axiom. 

* included with all term licenses of Axiom 

Unified Logs + Large Case performance Improvements

Both the macOS and iOS operating systems use Apple’s proprietary Unified Log solution for many of the key logs within their devices. The Magnet team added an artifact which parses these logs and allows you to review key information from them to find evidence. These logs are incredibly important when tracking specific functions such as AirDrop usage, connection to external devices/servers, and finding context around pattern of life entries such as determining how a device was unlocked. 

The Unified Logs artifact will likely generate a high number of hits added to your case, so the artifact is turned off by default due to prevent extra processing time.  

Knowing that cases continue to get bigger and bigger—such as when you are examining detailed logs—significant improvements to the performance of Axiom were made for larger cases, significantly improving the speed and efficiency of loading of cases, applying filter, loading artifact details, and exporting reports.   

Home Security Camera Support

With developments in video camera technology in recent years, there has been a rise in home video surveillance systems with roughly 37% of homes in the U.S. having a video doorbell. These added devices can provide great insight into individuals coming and going from a residence and when which can contribute to a range of criminal investigations. In this release, the Magnet team added a number of artifacts for the iOS and Android mobile applications used to manage Arlo, Blink and Ring security cameras. These new artifacts will allow examiners to review cached data from these devices that may be deleted or expired from the service’s storage. 

New Magnet Forensics AXIOM 8 Artefacts

  • Arlo Secure (Android, iOS) 

  • Cached Media  

  • Device Information  

  • User Information  

  • Blink (Android, iOS) 

  • Cached Media  

  • Device Information  

  • User Information  

  • Chrome Affiliations (Android, iOS, macOS, Windows) 

  • Facebook Messenger E2EE Chats (Android, iOS) 

  • Ring (Android, iOS) 

  • Cached Media  

  • Device Information  

  • User Information  

  • Unified Logs (iOS, macOS) 

  • Windows Search (Windows) 

  • Calendar 

  • Contact 

  • Document 

  • Image  

  • Internet Explorer  

  • Outlook 

Updated Artefacts

  • Android MMS (UFED Agent) (Android) 

  • Audio (Android, iOS, macOS, Windows) 

  • Chrome Cache Records (iOS, macOS, Windows) 

  • Chrome (windows) 

  • Extensions  

  • Logins 

  • Device Information (iOS) 

  • EML(X) Files (iOS) 

  • Facebook Messenger Messages (Android) 

  • iMessage/SMS/MMS (iOS) 

  • Instagram Posts (Android) 

  • Instagram Direct Messages (iOS) 

  • Instagram Media (Download Your Data) (Cloud) 

  • Installed Applications (Android, iOS) 

  • MEGA Chats (iOS) 

  • Signal Messages (Android, iOS) 

  • Videos (Android, iOS, macOS, Windows) 

You can upgrade to the latest version within AXIOM or at the Magnet Forensics  Customer Portal. Or, if you haven’t tried AXIOM yet, request a free trial here.  


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