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Providing Expert Digital Forensics Services

Digital forensics is the field of forensic science that seeks to determine the facts surrounding an occurrence or event by analysing and examining digital evidence from various computer, digital and electronic sources and presenting those findings in a Court of Law. 

Lawyers, Law Firms and Auditors

Difseco provides expert digital forensics services to Lawyers, Law firms, and Auditors across Finland and Baltic Countries. We believe in being a valuable partner to Lawyers, Law firms, and Auditors who will benefit from receiving the best evidence possible to assist their clients. We conduct investigations into digital devices to determine critical facts like who, what, where, when and how.
In many other contexts, it is helpful for lawyers to have a trained, qualified and independent expert extract important evidence from a computer or mobile device to be relied upon in court. For example, communication between relevant parties by way of email, text messages or communication apps like Facebook Messenger, WeChat, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal and others as well as call logs can be vital evidence in certain cases.


Criminal law cases often involve differing versions of the same event told by two or more people.


In order to resolve this issue, we can examine the evidence found on digital devices to assist in determining which version of events is more accurate. In many criminal cases, the charge itself will involve some allegation of the use of technology, social media or the internet, and it will be obvious that you should consult with us regarding the particular aspects your case.

In other cases, it will be important to have the assistance of a trained digital forensics examiner.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property theft by the most trusted asset of a business – its employees – is a common problem that can result in significant financial losses to the employer.

Common targets of this kind of theft or unauthorized reproduction are, not only traditional intellectual properties like patents, trademarks and copywrited works, but also confidential information like proprietary business processes, pricing structure and customer lists.

If someone has stolen this kind of data, there is a great deal that we can tell you about what happened so that you can determine your next steps.


The breakdown of a committed relationship is an emotionally challenging situation to endure for the parties.

Communication between former partners tends to shift from verbal to digital, through text messages, social media, email and communication apps.

Often times, things are said in conversations that need to be put in front of the Court when determining important issues in these proceedings, particularly child custody and access issues.

Former partners are the subject of digital spying, harassment and bullying, which can be determined and remediated.

Fraud and Misconduct

Digital forensics can be used to investigate employee misconduct, such as theft, fraud, and harassment. This information can then be used to take disciplinary action against the employee or to terminate their employment.

In today’s digital environment, the audit trail is maintained by companies and organizations using electronic records using personal computers and other electronic devices. In the electronic environment, the fraud investigation team or experts perform computer forensic investigations by seizing and analyzing electronic data using a methodology that ensures its admissibility as evidence in a court of law.

Digital Forensics Workflow


Potential Data Identification

Digital Forensics Data Identification
Digital Forensics Data Identification
The first stage identifies potential sources of relevant evidence or information (devices, repository), critical custodians, and data location. In other words, this process involves setting up an investigation scope by identifying the whole process and participants.

Why choose Difseco?

Difseco is known for uniquely understanding the legal community's needs and providing the best advice with a cost-effective and thorough analysis.

Our team combines various training, experience, skill and knowledge with the best digital forensics and incident response tools to provide expert-level results in every case.

30+ Years of Combined Experience

200+ Successful 

3000+ Successful Data Collections

Over 90% case win history in Court

Certified and Professional Team

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