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Safeguard your digital assets with Difseco's Data Assessment and Trace Analysis Guard Solution

Difseco DataGuard service


Digital data vulnerability crisis: Fortifying crime-fighting endeavours

With the majority of business data now only in digital form, robust protection strategies are essential to safeguard a company’s competitive edge and prevent data breaches.

In today's digital-centric business realm, a staggering 99% of corporate data resides in electronic repositories, heightening vulnerability to manipulation and unauthorised access. This underscores an urgent demand for a resilient system, not just to gather evidence but also to fortify enterprise crime-fighting endeavours.

The preservation of intangible assets emerges as a paramount concern, considering their pivotal role in defining a company's competitive edge. Protecting these assets against internal threats becomes imperative, necessitating the adoption of sophisticated Digital Forensics methodologies.

Safeguarding vital business data: pre-emptive defense and forensic integrity

D.A.T.A.GUARD protects invaluable business assets through advanced Digital Forensics, ensuring your company’s data is safeguarded against internal threats.

Difseco's D.A.T.A.GUARD, a robust service designed to safeguard critical business data, including IP, legal documents, healthcare records, and R&D findings, acts as a shield against internal vulnerabilities and secures the most valuable assets of businesses. By pre-emptively detecting and foiling threats, it reduces instances of employee misconduct, as the knowledge of potential detection acts as a deterrent, and devices secured by D.A.T.A. Guard can be quickly reintegrated into use after data collection, with the collected data serving as forensically sound evidence for any future investigations.

Step One

Sound Data Collection of Endpoints

Step Two

Certified long-term data storage with the highest security

Forensically sound data collection: integrity and compliance

D.A.T.A.GUARD collects data using advanced forensics tools that guarantee the preservation of evidence quality and legal compliance

Digital forensics methods provide significant advantages over any copy-paste techniques by ensuring the integrity, authenticity, and admissibility of evidence. These methods use specialized tools to maintain the completeness and evidentiary value of data, including the ability to recover hidden or deleted files, location data, browser activity and communication history of the device. Additionally, digital forensics rigorously documents the chain of custody, creating a verifiable trail of how the evidence was managed and analyzed, thus enhancing its credibility and defensibility in any legal or investigative proceedings.

Certified long-term storage: secure and compliant

Our certified data storage facilities employ the most stringent security measures to ensure the highest level of data protection

We utilize Katakri-certified data centers, which have the most stringent security protocols and the most reliable infrastructure. Our data centers feature advanced security measures, such as biometric and electronic access controls to prevent unauthorized access. They operate in an isolated, offline environment, significantly reducing the risk of cyber threats and ensuring data confidentiality. Our data centers are engineered as failsafe with several sophisticated backup systems.

Key Features

Elevating Your Experience: Explore the essential elements that drive our Solution forward. Dive into a suite of cutting-edge features engineered to empower Your business and safeguard Your data integrity.

All-in-one service from Difseco

Flexible pricing

Forensically Sound Data Collection

Long-term storage with unmatched security

Evidence files can be used by the authorities

Use Cases

Illuminating Applications: Delve into real-world scenarios showcasing the versatility and impact of our Solution. Explore how our Service addresses diverse challenges across industries and unleashes the potential for security.

Exiting Employees

Employee misconduct

Corporate data leak

Corporate espionage

Corporate dispute

Data breach

Corporate mergers and acquisitions

Do you want to eliminate the possibility of internal threats?

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