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Introducing Magnet NEXUS

In today’s workplace, employees and critical business assets are often spread throughout the globe. Employees may be working from home, the office, or a combination of both. To enable a remote workforce over the past several years, organizations put their digital transformation initiatives into high gear.

For digital forensic professionals, their job became much more challenging as endpoints were not easily accessible and DFIR team members ended up working in separate locations. In our latest State of Enterprise DFIR report, almost half of all DFIR practitioners surveyed stated that collecting data from remote endpoints was a major challenge.

Magnet Nexus is a remote endpoint collection and analysis solution built to save you time and to get you forensic insights faster.

As a SaaS-based solution, investigation teams can harness the power of cloud-based resources, opening a wide range of opportunities for examiners to conduct large-scale investigations with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

“The Digital Investigations industry is evolving at a rapid pace,” said David Miles, President, Magnet Forensics. “Whether you’re in a large organization, or you are a digital forensics service provider, Magnet Nexus leverages the power of the cloud to ensure that nothing stands in your way of getting to the information you need to tackle large, complex investigations and help keep your organization safe.”

Saving time investigating multiple remote Endpoints

Magnet Nexus allows digital forensic teams to collect and analyze data from multiple endpoints to help them gather information on cyberattacks, insider threats, employee misconduct, IP theft, and much more.

When time is of the essence, accessing and acquiring data as quickly as possible reduces delays. Time savings are compounded when investigating several endpoints at once. With Nexus, agents can persist on every endpoint in your organization so it’s there when you need it. Or create and deploy an agent on-demand—use both methods to meet your organization’s requirements.

To help you manage and monitor all endpoints, the Endpoint Dashboard serves as a quick view of every endpoint that has a Nexus agent deployed to it. Visual indicators let you quickly determine if an endpoint is idle or offline, and which ones are under active collection and investigation making it a snap to manage larger investigations.

Magnet Forensics Nexus

Easy to use and manage

Investigation teams are constantly juggling many tasks and deadlines, often with new cases popping up all the time. They need tools that are user-friendly and straightforward, allowing them to work efficiently while also helping new team members get up to speed quickly.

As with all Magnet Forensics solutions, Nexus was created with a clean UI and minimal setup, creating a frustration-free workflow. As a SaaS solution, no complex or expensive maintenance or update processes are required. Check out the interactive walkthrough below to see for yourself how we’ve refined the workflows in Nexus to ensure the smoothest experience possible.

Additionally, Nexus simplifies remote data collection by bypassing complex internal networking hurdles, an inherent benefit of a cloud-based solution. This can be a major challenge encountered when teams rely on strictly using an on-premise solution.

Dynamically scale with cloud-based processing

With cloud scalability, you can effortlessly manage increasing demands. Analyze larger datasets and tackle unexpected surges in endpoints requiring investigation without additional investments in hardware or infrastructure. As a SaaS-based solution, you have the flexibility to access your cases from anywhere at any time, and the ability to save time and get forensic insights faster by leveraging dynamic cloud-based processing resources.

Time collaboration maximizes resources

Easily share and collaborate on cases—from setup to analysis—to reduce the workload, maximize expertise, and reach a quick resolution together.

With real-time case collaboration, you can enable:

  • Any case collaborator to create an agent and deploy it on-demand to additional endpoints to expand the collection.

  • Team members can review, filter, tag and download the case data.

  • All data and tags are stored in one location, providing a centralized point for real-time collaboration.

  • Assign roles to users to control access and align capabilities to job responsibilities.

Magnet Forensics Nexus adding new users

“With Magnet Nexus, we’re showing our attentiveness to the needs of our enterprise customers,” says Geoff MacGillivray, Chief Technology Officer, Magnet Forensics. “We know that workforces are more spread out and technology-enabled than ever before and to ensure that organizations can protect themselves, they require a solution that is dynamic and ready when they need it so they can quickly gather the data they need in the course of an investigation. Nexus helps provide that comprehensive solution in a way that’s easy to use, deploy, and manage.”

Security is crucial 

Security is a top requirement as DFIR teams begin to adopt SaaS solutions for their forensic investigations. That’s why Nexus leverages cloud infrastructure and services offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver processing, storage, and management capabilities.

Nexus leverages cloud infrastructure and services offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver processing, storage, and management capabilities. AWS’s infrastructure, encompassing meticulously designed facilities, current network technology, and high-performance hardware, is at the heart of our SaaS offerings. In addition to leveraging AWS infrastructure, Nexus is SOC 2 compliant.


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