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Introducing Magnet Forensics ONE

Updated: May 3

Magnet Forensics ONE

Magnet One: Redefining the pursuit of justice

Magnet One is a new innovative, end-to-end digital forensics platform that empowers public safety agencies to redefine digital investigations and seek justice faster.

Magnet One seamlessly integrates technology, people, and processes and empowers police leadership and all stakeholders involved in investigations to effectively manage the increasing influx of digital evidence. By revolutionizing the traditional approach to digital investigations, Magnet One enables agencies to accelerate case resolution, ensuring the safety of communities while keeping pace with evolving challenges.

Magnet Forensics ONE

While products across the industry offer point solutions that improve elements of the case workflow, agencies are still left with the complex challenges created by wide-scale investigations with endless amounts of digital evidence. Magnet One is the only digital forensics platform that will unite all your digital forensics solutions across your entire workflow, resulting in more effective and efficient investigations.

The benefits of Magnet One will have a real impact on your investigations:

  • Faster case closure: For example investigators will be able to get real-time updates on the status of their exams reducing time spent waiting.

  • All stakeholders of an investigation can easily and securely collaborate anywhere because Magnet One is only a click and a login away.

  • Automation, AI, and machine learning power the connectivity of solutions so everything just works.

  • Identify bottlenecks and areas to improve efficiency within your lab with actual product usage metrics and insights to drive decision-making.

  • Reduced time spent jumping between tools (e.g., evidence submission, reporting), which saves time and promotes higher data integrity and stronger case results.

  • Examiners can easily share their results with investigators, leadership, and command staff.

  • Eliminate manual “button pushing” and data entry processes so examiners and others can focus on high-value tasks.

Centralize, store, manage: Your all-in-one solution

With Magnet One, you’ll get a single hub where you can effortlessly store, manage, and leverage all your digital forensics data from sources like mobile devices, cloud apps, warrant returns, computer & external storage, and more. Magnet One is a secure, cloud-based platform that provides a central location to integrate digital forensics data within their cases, empowering them to achieve superior outcomes.

Efficiency redefined: From case management to collaboration

Gone are the days of sifting through multiple tools and endless communication threads. Magnet One’s intuitive interface consolidates all your case-related data, allowing stakeholders to seamlessly track progress, analyze digital evidence, and collaborate like never before. Magnet One does it all by boosting efficiency, minimizing manual tasks, and enhancing collaboration.

Conversations View in the Explorer provides a near-native viewing experience for messages. Chat messages are threaded together just as they would appear on the source application so you can follow the entire conversation. You can select the conversations from each application you’d like to include, apply sorting and filters, and view specific details from each message. 

Seamless integration, limitless potential

Magnet One seamlessly integrates with Magnet Forensics solutions like Graykey, Axiom, Automate, and Review. The more tools you integrate, the greater the rewards of enhanced efficiency and collaboration, propelling your agency’s investigations forward.

Plus, with open APIs, Magnet One ensures that it’s not only Magnet Forensics tools that provide the benefit of bringing everything together with one platform; other DFIR tools in your toolkit can be included in Magnet One via API: the possibilities for customization and integration could be endless.

Unleash the power of digital intelligence

Magnet One arms you with unmatched access and extraction of data no matter where it is. The variety of data sources—including mobile devices, computers, cloud apps, CCTV & other video footage, and more—means that you need a set of comprehensive tools working together to unlock access to data.

Magnet One aggregates data from all sources and presents it in intuitive, purpose-built interfaces tailored to user roles such as Examiner or Investigator. With powerful search and filter capabilities, along with integrated co-pilot assistance, analyzing data has never been easier. Tag, comment, collaborate—Magnet One puts you in control.

Streamlined reporting, enhanced transparency

With Magnet One, reporting becomes a breeze. Track case activity, consolidate evidence, and generate comprehensive reports—all within a few clicks. Plus, with audit log tracking of user actions for disclosure purposes, transparency is created, building trust with internal and external stakeholders.

For the private sector and beyond Scalable solutions for every need

Whether in law enforcement, corporate security, or the private sector, Magnet One has you covered. Integration with Magnet Axiom Cyber enables remote collection capabilities for endpoints within corporate networks and scalable processing for widescale investigations.

Experience the future of digital forensics with Magnet One

As David Miles, President of Magnet Forensics said in a recent announcement: “Magnet One introduces innovative benefits to our now connected suite of solutions and lays the foundation for our vision of a cloud-based platform of integrated and intuitive solutions utilizing AI and machine learning. We want to help our customers turn complexity into clarity in their investigations.”


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