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Magnet AXIOM 7.1 is now available! New features, artefacts and much more.

A critical component of digital forensic examinations is the need to collaborate and discuss the findings from the case data with other stakeholders. This can include attorneys, other investigators, Human Resources, clients, and more.

In Magnet AXIOM 7.1, Magnet Forensics has added features to enhance collaboration for examiners in the lab as well as outside stakeholders, including tag and comment syncing from Magnet REVIEW to AXIOM and being able to search for artefacts by their Item ID in AXIOM quickly.

Magnet Forensics has also added performance enhancements—including an easier way to see image hash verifications in AXIOM Process—improved the speed of loading conversation views in artefacts for expanded threads.

You can upgrade to the latest version within AXIOM or over at the Magnet Forensics  Customer Portal. Or, if you haven’t tried AXIOM yet, request a free trial here.  

Enhance Collaboration Inside and Outside of the Lab

With Magnet REVIEW, agencies can enable secure, streamlined digital evidence sharing between the lab and different remote stakeholders during a digital investigation.

AXIOM 7.0 enhanced this collaboration between examiners in the lab and investigators in the field by enabling you to export tags from AXIOM Examine to REVIEW as part of the export package. Now, in AXIOM 7.1, Magnet Forensics has enhanced those syncing capabilities further by enabling tags and comments from REVIEW back into the original AXIOM case.

After tagging and commenting in a case file in REVIEW, investigators can export a JSON file with the original hit ID and the tags and comments metadata associated with those and send this back to AXIOM. This feature can help streamline the investigation, as multiple stakeholders can now easily work together, sharing notes, comments, and flag items for further investigation.

With AXIOM 7.1, Magnet Forensics is speeding up the process of collaboration by allowing the ability to quickly locate an artefact by its item ID rather than spending time manually searching for it. With this new feature, workflows can be streamlined by simply punching in the Item ID number and immediately jumping to the artefact in question instead of spending valuable time trying to locate it. This can be helpful when using tools like Portable Case. With the Item ID included in Portable Case, downstream reviewers can easily flag artefacts to request more context on the artefact from the lab.

Verify Image Hashes Faster

In AXIOM, you can use image hash verification to ensure that data isn’t altered during the investigation, especially since there are various tools and techniques that are involved in data analysis and evidence collection that can affect the data’s integrity. AXIOM 7.1 makes it easier and faster to verify hashes by displaying the results of whether a hash value match occurred at the end of the scan rather than having to hunt through log files for that validation value.

Quickly Review Conversations in Artifacts

The speed of loading the conversation view in artefacts was vastly improved for expanded threads, providing a much faster experience—even for threads that include thousands of messages. This performance improvement can help examiners more quickly review a series of messages providing added context to the conversation. Below you can see the difference in how this enhancement will look in AXIOM.

Magnet AXIOM 7.1 Conversations Review

New and Updated Artifacts

As with all releases of AXIOM, there is also support for several new and updated artefacts to help keep your investigations current with the latest corporate apps and service developments, including:

New Artifacts

  • iOS Device Wallpapers

  • Microsoft Office 365 MRU

  • Snapchat Geolocation (Warrant Return)

  • Windows Program Compatibility Assistant Records

Updated Artifacts

  • Android Installed Applications

  • Audio

  • Google Account Information (Warrant Return)

  • Google Login History (Warrant Return)

  • iOS Device Information

  • Linux Operating System Information-icon Operating System Information

  • Motion Photos

  • TikTok Media

  • Video

  • WhatsApp Messages

Get Magnet AXIOM 7.1 Today!

If you’re already using AXIOM, download 7.1 over at the Magnet Forensics Customer Portal. To try AXIOM for yourself, request a free trial today!


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