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Passware Kit 2023 version2 Now Available, check out what's new!

Passware Kit 2023 v2 extends full disk encryption support by introducing an option to detect and decrypt containers created by Steganos. Additionally, it allows brute-force attacks on the PIM parameter of VeraCrypt, which increases the chances of successful password recovery.

Passware T2 Add-on has been updated to support instant reset or recovery of Mac EFI firmware passwords.

The new version of Passware Kit also recovers passwords for Ethereum crypto wallets and NTLMv2 hashes, and it extracts passwords saved in Opera GX/Crypto browsers.

What's new in Passware Kit 2023 v2:

  • Password recovery for Steganos containers

  • Brute-force recovery of VeraCrypt PIM parameters

  • Mac EFI firmware password recovery and reset

  • Support for mounted physical drives for FDE decryption

  • Password recovery for Ethereum wallets

  • Instant password recovery for Opera GX and Crypto browsers

  • New dictionary: Ukrainian


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