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Magnet OUTRIDER 3.4: Bring Your Own Device and Dark Mode

We’re excited to announce the availability of Magnet OUTRIDER 3.4! In this release, Magnet Forensics introduces a new licensing upgrade where you can bring your own device for the use of OUTRIDER, instead of relying on a pre-loaded dongle from Magnet Forensics. This new licensing model will provide faster turnaround times, more device flexibility, and ease of use when using OUTRIDER. This release also includes Dark Mode!

You can upgrade to the latest version of OUTRIDER in the product by clicking the check for updates button under Manage, or by heading over to the Customer Portal. Be sure to log in, then select “Magnet OUTRIDER”.

If you haven’t tried OUTRIDER yet, request a free trial here.

Benefits of New Licensing Model

Since its launch, Magnet Forensics has been refining and improving Magnet OUTRIDER to better serve customers' needs. This licensing upgrade will help make OUTRIDER easier to use for agencies and their sub-agencies by offering flexibility, faster turnaround times, and improved security.

Previously, OUTRIDER was offered on a Magnet dongle that had limited space. As storage capacities increase across digital devices, it’s crucial to offer customers the ability to use their own device to support larger scans that may include 4+ terabytes of data. In order to achieve all the benefits of OUTRIDER, we recommend using a Samsung T7 portable SSD.

Instead of waiting for our team to ship an OUTRIDER pre-installed dongle, you can now create your own device and start using your full license of OUTRIDER immediately by downloading OUTRIDER to your device.

We also expect this to help make it easier for sub-agencies to get set up and use OUTRIDER, as they won’t have to wait for pre-loaded dongles from their parent agencies before they get started with OUTRIDER. With this new release, a parent agency can now provide the download to their sub-agencies, who can then register their own device for use, eliminating the need to pick up or be mailed their pre-loaded dongle physically.

In this video, the Magnet Forensics team walks through what the new changes look like and how to take action to upgrade your license and share it with your sub-agencies.

Dark Mode

When you spend hours investigating digital evidence daily, the goal is to make it more comfortable for you to work in OUTRIDER. That’s why Dark Mode to OUTRIDER was introduced—to give you the option of what mode reduces strain while working through your investigations.

If you haven’t tried OUTRIDER yet, request a free trial here.


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