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Magnet Forensics AXIOM 7.7 is now available! Magnet REVIEW Integration, Improved Magnet.AI Results.

We are happy to announce the release of Magnet Forensics AXIOM 7.7. This latest version of AXIOM adds several new and updated features to help streamline your workflows and help make your digital evidence analysis and reporting faster and easier, including:

  • Share and Collaborate on Evidence with Magnet REVIEW – Free Trial

  • Improved Magnet.AI Results for Video

To help keep your investigations current with the latest evidence sources, the Magnet Forensics team has also updated and added to our artefact support. This release includes several updated iOS Device Information artefacts to provide device insights for your mobile investigations. The artefact additions and updates are listed below and detailed in the release notes for AXIOM 7.7.

Share and Collaborate on Evidence with Magnet REVIEW – Free Trial

Enabling timely and effective sharing of digital evidence is vital to keeping your investigations moving. As part of AXIOM 7.7, existing and new AXIOM customers can get an early access free trial of an upcoming new SaaS-based version of Magnet REVIEW.

With this new Magnet-managed SaaS option, you can share your cases directly from the Examine export dialogue, and your stakeholders review evidence using REVIEW’s intuitive user interface and powerful search tools, collaborate using tags and comments, and generate and share detailed reports from any web browser, with no special hardware or software required.

Magnet AXIOM 7.7 Magnet Review Integration

Improved Magnet.AI Results for Video

The vast amount of media and data sources that need examining for criminal investigations can make searching for potential evidence a time-consuming task. Machine learning and image recognition tools can help to identify and categorize content of interest so examiners can more quickly uncover the key evidence needed for their cases.

In this release, Magnet.AI media classifiers for short videos were significantly improved, with the most notable improvements to videos under 2 minutes in length. Based on internal testing, the accuracy of detecting matches with the media classifiers was improved by an average of 70%

Magnet.AI is an artificial intelligence tool built into AXIOM that searches and flags potential content matches in the media in your cases. With 15 categories of classifiers in Magnet.AI (view the complete list of examples here – customer credentials required), this feature can have several applications but is especially useful for investigations involving CSAM, child abuse, drugs, or weapons, helping you quickly review content to uncover critical evidence needed for your cases.

New Magnet Idea Lab Beta – Magnet Exhibit Builder for AXIOM

Magnet Forensic have recently introduced a new, free Beta version of MAGNET Exhibit Builder that is designed to be a companion platform to AXIOM. Exhibit Builder is a desktop reporting/building tool that helps you effectively tell the story of your digital forensic findings.

MAGNET Exhibit Builder combines forensic data from AXIOM case files with standard word processing tools, allowing you to build comprehensive reports for a range of audiences quickly. The intuitive drag-and-drop functionality will enable you to place artefact details directly into your report, maintaining the integrity of the forensic data while integrating elements like visual previews for media-based artefacts and device summary details to provide stakeholders with straightforward and efficient reports.

To learn more about MAGNET Exhibit Builder, including a recent webinar replay, or to sign up for the Beta, visit the Magnet Idea Lab and click “Apply Now” to fill out the application form.

New Magnet Forensics AXIOM 7.7 Artefacts

  • DJI Media (iOS and Android)

  • DJI User Information (Android)

  • Network Interfaces (iOS)

  • Private MAC Addresses (iOS)

Updated Artefacts

  • Device Information (iOS)

  • Edge Chromium Autofill (Windows)

  • Facebook Messenger Messages (iOS and Android)

  • Find My Items (macOS)

  • Google Chats (Takeout and Warrant Return)

  • ICQ 10 Messages (Windows)

  • Instagram Direct Messages (iOS and Android)

  • Message Preferences (iOS)

  • Signal (Android)

  • Snapchat Messages (Warrant Return)

  • Slack (Cloud Acquisition, Data Export)

  • Various Biome artifacts for iOS 17 (iOS)

  • WeChat (Android)

You can upgrade to the latest version within AXIOM or at the Magnet Forensics  Customer Portal. Or, if you haven’t tried AXIOM yet, request a free trial here.  


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