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Introducing Magnet OUTRIDER 3.5: Android Triage (Beta)

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

We are excited to announce the availability of Magnet OUTRIDER 3.5, featuring the new Magnet OUTRIDER Android Triage (Beta)!

You can upgrade to the latest version of OUTRIDER in the product by clicking the check for updates button under Manage, or by heading over to the Customer Portal. Be sure to log in, then select “Magnet OUTRIDER”.

If you haven’t tried OUTRIDER yet, request a free trial here.

Magnet OUTRIDER Android Triage (Beta) Available Now!

The sheer number of mobile devices that law enforcement agencies must analyze can be overwhelming, particularly in cases that involve multiple suspects or victims. To speed up investigations, it is essential to triage mobile devices to help determine what devices contain the most critical evidence and prioritize those devices for analysis.

This is one of the reasons Magnet OUTRIDER was created — an ultra-easy-to-use triage tool designed to maximize the speed and simplicity of identifying actionable evidence in the field or in the lab. Since its inception in 2019, OUTRIDER has been used to find actionable evidence fast by quickly triaging Mac and Windows computers and external drives. In this latest release, the support of triage for mobile devices was introduced!

Save valuable time in the field or in the lab by using Magnet OUTRIDER to scan Android devices to uncover critical data quickly.

Magnet OUTRIDER users can quickly and easily scan Android (12+) devices, in the field or in the lab and collect the data below without the use of a custom agent APK used by most tools:

• Account and user artifacts


• Third-party applications

• Recently used apps

• Device ID

• Full list of contacts – deleted, settings, raw

• Call logs

Saving Time in the Lab

OUTRIDER can be used in the lab to quickly scan multiple devices at the same time, creating separate reports for each device, and helping investigators allocate resources efficiently by focusing on the devices that are most likely to yield relevant evidence. OUTRIDER is compatible with Magnet AXIOM, Magnet AUTOMATE, and other third-party forensic tools that can be used to analyze evidence further, making OUTRIDER a valuable addition to your lab’s digital forensic toolkit.

Keyword Search

Using keywords, OUTRIDER can ingest NCMEC CyberTips, identifying matches found on the device(s) being scanned and flag illicit content. With the Android Triage feature, you have the option to scan the entire device or select the specific data you want to scan using keywords. Once your scan is complete, you can filter your data even further by using keywords that are relevant to your case, helping you find evidence quickly.

If you haven’t tried OUTRIDER yet, request a free trial here.


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