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Griffeye Analyze 23.3 is now available! Packed with a range of new features.

This release adds new features to the CS Suite, such as Media Descriptions and a new classifier in Griffeye Brain. Griffeye also introduced Case access rights and a web tool for bouncing unknown files or hashes to streamline your workflow further.

New Feature: Reuse and share Media descriptions across cases

In certain legal situations, investigators must provide detailed image and video content descriptions for court proceedings. Griffeye introduces Media Descriptions – a text that an investigator can add to a media that can be reused and shared among investigators as the description can be saved within the GID to minimise this distressing and time-consuming task. This feature not only enhances the quality of work related to mental health concerns but also significantly saves time for end users.

Initially available in CS Operations and Enterprise. It is planned to be implemented in DI Pro later this year.

Case access rights in CS Operations

This security feature has been requested by many of Griffeye's customers. Even though you are part of the same organization, not every investigator should have access to all cases. Now it is possible for a single installation to support multiple cases, but it also adds the ability to limit access to specific individuals or teams.

Improved filtering and search capabilities with new classifier in Griffeye Brain

Griffeye Brain now includes an upgraded image classifier to enhance filtering and search capabilities. Brain Media Types lets you quickly locate relevant files during investigations and filter out irrelevant ones.

Available in CS Operations and Enterprise.

Perform cross-case queries directly from the web browser.

CS Enterprise users can now query an unknown file to check if it already exists in the system and access available information (e.g., EXIF data, categories, etc.). File bounce web tool is a comprehensive tool that can be accessed directly from the web browser.

Available in CS Enterprise. Limited functionality in CS Operations.

Walkthrough Video

Don't miss a quick walkthrough video with Law Enforcement Liaison Laura Bauer, where she walks you through the highlights of this release:

  • Media Descriptions

  • Case access rights

  • Brain Media Types

  • File bounce web tool

If you haven’t tried Griffeye Analyze yet, request a free trial here.  


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