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2 days

Difseco Training DIF41 Digital Forensics in Incident Response

About the Course

The "Digital Forensics in Incident Response" course is two-day course designed for digital forensics experts, cybersecurity professionals, and incident responders seeking to enhance their capabilities in managing and investigating security incidents. This course equips participants with the knowledge, tools, and best practices required to conduct digital forensics investigations as a crucial component of incident response strategies.

Course Information

  1. Malware Definition and Description: Gain a comprehensive understanding of malware types, characteristics, and behaviors, enabling you to identify, classify, and analyze malicious software effectively.

  2. Packet Captures (PCAP) Techniques: Learn advanced techniques for capturing and analyzing network traffic using PCAP files, allowing for the identification and tracing of security incidents.

  3. Incident Response Toolkit: Build and customize an incident response toolkit, including digital forensics tools, network analysis utilities, and malware analysis platforms.

  4. Investigation of Volatile Data: Master the art of acquiring and analyzing volatile data from live systems, including running processes, network connections, and system memory, to identify and respond to security incidents.

  5. Static Malware Analysis: Develop advanced skills in conducting static malware analysis to dissect and understand the functionality of malicious code, uncovering indicators of compromise (IoCs).

  6. Incident Response Investigation Overview: Understand the incident response process and how digital forensics fits into each phase, from preparation and identification to containment, eradication, and recovery.

  7. Evidence Handling and Preservation: Explore best practices for preserving digital evidence in the context of incident response, ensuring data integrity and admissibility.

  8. Incident Reporting and Communication: Develop effective incident reporting and communication skills, enabling you to convey technical findings to non-technical stakeholders.

Additional Information

Course Format:

This two-day advanced course combines instructor-led lectures, hands-on lab exercises, group discussions, and incident response scenarios. Participants will have access to a range of specialized digital forensics tools and incident response platforms to gain practical experience in managing and investigating security incidents.


Participants are expected to have a strong background in digital forensics principles and prior experience in incident response or cybersecurity.

Target Audience:

This course is designed for experienced digital forensics experts, cybersecurity professionals, incident responders, and IT security personnel who are looking to sharpen their skills in leveraging digital forensics within the incident response process.

Delivery Method:

Live & Online

Additional Information:

Lunch and refreshments are included for all Live classes

By the end of this course, participants will possess the advanced knowledge and practical skills required to effectively integrate digital forensics techniques into incident response strategies, ensuring rapid detection, containment, and recovery from security incidents in an ever-evolving threat landscape.

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