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2 days

Difseco Training DIF31 Cloud & Social Digital Forensics

About the Course

The "Cloud & Social Forensics" course is an expert two-day course designed for digital forensics experts and experienced professionals who wish to expand their expertise into the realm of cloud and social media investigations. In this course, participants will delve deep into the intricacies of investigating cloud-based data and social media platforms gaining the knowledge and skills needed to conduct expert-level forensic examinations.

Course Information

  1. Microsoft Cloud Investigations: Explore advanced techniques for conducting forensic investigations on Microsoft cloud services, including Azure and Office 365, to uncover digital evidence and preserve its integrity.

  2. Google Cloud Investigation: Gain an in-depth understanding of Google Cloud Platform and perform forensic analysis of data stored in Google Drive, Gmail, and other Google services.

  3. Apple Cloud Investigation: Learn how to conduct forensic examinations of Apple iCloud data, including iCloud backups, photos, documents, and device synchronization.

  4. Social Media Investigation Techniques: Master the art of investigating social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter (X), and Instagram, to uncover digital evidence relevant to legal and investigative matters.

  5. Cloud Data Acquisition: Explore advanced methods for acquiring digital evidence from cloud-based services while adhering to forensic best practices.

  6. Cloud and Social Media Data Analysis: Develop advanced data analysis skills specific to cloud and social media investigations, including timeline analysis, communication patterns, and content analysis.

  7. Forensic Challenges and Legal Considerations: Discuss the unique challenges and legal considerations that arise in cloud and social media forensic investigations, including data privacy and admissibility of evidence.

  8. Real-World Case Studies: Analyze real-world cases and complex scenarios to apply advanced cloud and social media forensic techniques in practical investigations.

Additional Information

Course Format:

This two-day expert course combines expert-led presentations, hands-on practical exercises, group discussions, and in-depth case study analyses. Participants will have access to specialized tools and software for cloud and social media forensics, allowing them to gain hands-on experience and reinforce their learning.


Participants are expected to have a strong foundation in digital forensics principles and prior experience in conducting digital investigations.

Targeted Audience:

This course is tailored for digital forensics experts, law enforcement professionals, cybersecurity specialists, legal professionals, and investigators seeking to advance their knowledge and skills in cloud and social media forensics.

Delivery Method:

Live & Online

Additional Information:

Lunch and refreshments are included for all Live classes

By the end of this course, participants will possess the expertise required to conduct thorough and legally sound investigations of cloud-based data and social media platforms, making them invaluable assets in the field of digital forensics and investigations in the digital age.

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