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2 days

Difseco Training DIF02 Advanced Digital Forensics

About the Course

The "Advanced Digital Forensics" course is a comprehensive two-day program designed for experienced digital forensic professionals seeking to deepen their knowledge and expertise in the field. This advanced-level course delves into complex topics and cutting-edge techniques, equipping participants with the skills and insights required to conduct in-depth investigations and handle challenging digital forensics scenarios effectively.

Course Information

  1. Advanced Windows Volume Structure Analysis: Explore advanced techniques for examining Windows file systems, including NTFS and FAT, to uncover hidden data, recover lost files, and analyze file metadata.

  2. Disk and Volume Encryption: Gain a deep understanding of disk and volume encryption mechanisms, including BitLocker and TrueCrypt, and learn how to decrypt and recover encrypted data.

  3. Computer Artefacts and Artifacts: Investigate computer artifacts such as browser history, registry entries, and system logs to reconstruct user activities and uncover critical evidence.

  4. File Signature Analysis: Master the analysis of file signatures to identify file types, detect file manipulation, and verify the integrity of digital evidence.

  5. RAM (Random Access Memory) Analysis: Learn advanced techniques for volatile memory analysis to capture and analyze live system data, including running processes, open network connections, and volatile artifacts.

  6. Digital Forensics Tools Overview: Get hands-on experience with leading digital forensics tools such as Magnet Forensics AXIOM Cyber, Automate, Atlas, and Review, and understand their capabilities and best practices for their use.

  7. Data Carving and Reconstruction: Explore data carving techniques to recover fragmented or deleted files, reconstruct file structures, and extract valuable information from damaged storage media.

  8. Timeline Analysis: Develop the skills to create and analyze timeline charts to establish a chronological sequence of events during a digital investigation.

  9. Advanced Case Scenarios: Work on complex case scenarios and real-world simulations that challenge participants to apply their advanced digital forensics knowledge in a practical context.

  10. Legal and Ethical Considerations: Explore advanced legal and ethical issues related to digital forensics, including expert witness testimony and chain of custody in complex cases.

  11. Emerging Trends and Challenges: Stay up-to-date with the latest trends, technologies, and challenges in the digital forensics landscape.

Additional Information

Course Format:

This two-day course will feature a mix of instructor-led lectures, hands-on lab exercises, group discussions, and practical case studies. Participants will have access to advanced digital forensics tools and software to reinforce their learning through real-world scenarios.


Participants are expected to have a strong foundational knowledge of digital forensics principles and prior experience in conducting digital investigations.

Targeted Audience:

This course is designed for experienced digital forensic professionals, law enforcement personnel, cybersecurity experts, and IT professionals who are already familiar with the basics of digital forensics and wish to elevate their skills to an advanced level.

Delivery Method:

Live & Online

Additional Information:

Lunch and refreshments are included for all Live classes

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