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Passware Kit Mobile 2023 v3 is Now Available. Check out what's new!

Passware Kit Mobile 2023 v3

Passware Kit Mobile 2023 v3 introduces a GPU-accelerated password recovery option for Oppo, Vivo, Motorola, and other MediaTek-based smartphones. The following chipsets are supported: 6739, 6761, 6762, 6765, 6768, 6769, and 6785. The added models include Oppo Realme Pad, Vivo Y19, Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S, and 180 additional devices. As well as providing lock password recovery, PKM also decrypts application data on these devices.

The new version is now capable of detecting the protector type on MediaTek-based devices with the latest versions of Android, whether they are protected with a PIN, password, or pattern.

PKM 2023 v3 adds support for more than 180 new mobile devices and is our most significant increase in device compatibility to date, bringing the total number of supported devices to 490+!

What's new in Passware Kit Mobile 2023 v3:

  • GPU-accelerated password recovery for Vivo and Oppo devices

  • GPU-accelerated password recovery for 60 new Xiaomi and LG devices

  • GPU-accelerated password recovery for Nokia, Alcatel, and Motorola devices

  • Application data extraction from Vivo, Oppo, and other new devices

  • Improved detection of password type for Mediatek-based devices

  • Support for iOS 15.7.5 and 16.4.1 on iPhone 7 and other A10 devices

Upgrade to Passware Kit Ultimate

Upgrade to the all-in-one forensic decryption solution to access data from computers, disks, files, and mobile devices – all with a single Passware Kit Ultimate license!

Passware Kit Ultimate includes:

  • Passware Kit Forensic (with 10 Passware Kit Agents) and T2 Decryption Add-on

  • Passware Kit Mobile with 300 extractions

  • Passware Certified Examiner Training

Current Passware Kit Mobile (Annual License) users can upgrade to Passware Kit Ultimate for $2,100, which saves them over $2,000 compared to the price of all the components purchased separately.

Passware Kit Ultimate


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