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Magnet AXIOM Cyber 7.10 is now available! AWS Sign-in Improvements & Animated Maps.

We are happy to announce the release of Magnet AXIOM Cyber 7.10, packed with new features for analysis and cloud acquisitions.

  • AWS Sign-in Improvements

  • Animated Maps

You can upgrade to the latest version within AXIOM Cyber or over at the Magnet Forensics  Customer Portal. Or, if you haven’t tried AXIOM Cyber yet, request a free trial here.  

AWS Sign-In Improvements

Unlike security credentials, which can be reused, and potentially allow a user to access the AWS account indefinitely, session credentials can only be used while the session is active, and if they’re tied to a role, you can limit a session duration to 1-12 hours.

Organizations use session credentials as an added security measure to limit ongoing access to an AWS account. Should access to the AWS account be required again, new session credentials would need to be provided.

Along with these new sign-in features, we’ve significantly improved the useability of the sign-in page to better align it with how data is configured in AWS.

AXIOM Cyber 7.10 AWS Login

Automatically Create Animated Maps from Geolocation Data

With Animated Maps, you can show the user’s movement based on the geolocation information from device data, combining location and timestamp data to show the path they took during a given time frame. The ability to easily animate map routes mitigates time-consuming and labour-intensive manual processes required to display location evidence in an engaging and visually appealing format. 

New Artifacts

  • Edge Chromium (iOS, macOS, Windows)

  • Edge Chromium Current Session

  • Journals (iOS)

  • Voice Mail (iOS)

Updated Artifacts

  • Apple Mail (iOS)

  • Call Logs (Android)

  • Chrome (Android)

  • Chrome Current Sessions

  • Chrome Cookies (iOS, macOS, Windows)

  • Chrome Logins (Windows)

  • Chrome Web Visits (Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows)

  • Digital Wellbeing Events (Android)

  • Facebook Messenger Messages (Android)

  • Instagram Direct Messages (iOS)

  • Telegram (iOS)

  • Telegram Chats

  • WeChat (Android)

Get Magnet AXIOM Cyber 7.9 Today!

If you already use AXIOM Cyber, download it at the Magnet Forensics Customer Portal. To try AXIOM Cyber for yourself, request a free trial today!


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