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Magnet AUTOMATE Case Study

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Greater Manchester Police Completes Digital Investigations 9.5 Hours Faster With Magnet AUTOMATE.

"With Magnet AUTOMATE, processing is done... Instead of spending three days watching progress bars, I have all that waiting for me when I come in Monday morning.” - Lucy Carey-Shields, Digital Forensics Investigator, GMP

Like most law enforcement agencies around the world, the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) has seen an incredible increase in the volume of digital evidence year-over-year – almost all of their criminal investigations now involve a digital element.

The GMP uses Magnet AXIOM along with products from other providers to investigate digital evidence from mobile, computer, cloud, and other sources. Now, with Magnet AUTOMATE, they are able to integrate all of these tools to continuously move investigations forward while also freeing their digital investigators to focus on evidence analysis


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