Cellebrite Products for law enforcement customers

Computer Forensics


Flexible and convenient, 4PC is a software-only platform that can be used on the hardware of your choice.

UFED InField

Cellebrite’s Field Series equips frontline personnel with intuitive, forensically sound tools to quickly access and triage digital evidence. 

Mobile Forensics

UFED Ultimate / PA

UFED Ultimate offers market-leading access to digital devices and unsurpassed capabilities to extract and decode every ounce of data.

Touch 2

This latest generation portable digital forensics platform brings comprehensive extraction capabilities anywhere they’re needed

Cloud Forensics

UFED Cloud Analyzer

UFED Cloud Analyzer allows you to extract, preserve and analyze public domain and private social media data, instant messaging, file storage and other cloud-based content using a forensically sound process.

Case Management

Central Management System

Now you can simplify how you manage and control all deployed devices and systems with the Cellebrite Central Management System.


Cellebrite training

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