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BlackBag’s informal motto has always been, “Data doesn’t lie, people do”; however, revealing the truth in data is more challenging than ever before due to advancements in technology. BlackBag exists to find solutions for these challenges, thereby empowering our customers to seek, reveal, and preserve the truth.

Company develops innovative forensic acquisition, triage, and analysis software for Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, and Mac OS X devices. Software is used by hundreds of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies around the world for criminal investigations, as well as leading corporations and consultants handling HR investigations and eDiscovery matters.


Comprehensive Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, and Mac forensics analysis software.

BlackLight is cross-platform and can analyze common Internet artifacts as well as varied data structures such as Time Machine backup files, virtual images and Windows Registry files.


Live data acquisition, targeted file collection, and forensic imaging software for Mac OS X. 

Acquire live data (including RAM) or forensically image over 185 XServe, Mac, iMac, MacBook, and MacBook Air computer models. MacQuisition is the only forensic solution that runs within a native OS X boot environment, making it uniquely versatile and reliable. Use the source system to create a forensic image by booting directly from the MacQuisition USB key.


Mobile data acquisition, triage, and reporting for Android and iPhone/iPad devices.

Quickly acquire mobile devices in a forensically sound manner. Mobilyze allows law enforcement professionals of all technical competencies to quickly see results and make informed decisions.


Software-based write-blocking tool built to run on Mac OS X forensic analysis machines.

No need for cumbersome write-blocking hardware. Manage and monitor all attached and mounted device settings within one interface. Works only on Mac OS X.

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