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2 days

Difseco Training DIF01 Digital Forensics Foundations

About the Course

The "Digital Forensics Foundations" course is two-day program designed for individuals new to the field of digital forensics. This course provides participants with the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to understand digital forensics principles and practices. Whether you're an aspiring digital forensics professional or simply interested in gaining a basic understanding, this course is your gateway to the world of digital investigations.

Course Information

  • Introduction to Digital Forensics: Define digital forensics and its significance in modern investigations, including its role in law enforcement, cybersecurity, and data recovery.

  • Understanding Bits and Bytes: Gain a foundational understanding of binary representation, data storage, and the basics of digital data structures.

  • Basics within the Windows Operating System: Explore the core components and structures of the Windows operating system, including file systems, registries, and user profiles.

  • Forensically Sound Acquisition Concept: Learn the principles of forensically sound data acquisition, including the preservation of evidence integrity, the chain of custody, and the importance of documenting every step.

  • Digital Forensics Investigation Principles: Understand the key steps and phases of a digital forensics investigation, from evidence identification and collection to analysis and reporting.

  • Evidence Handling and Preservation: Explore best practices for handling and preserving digital evidence to ensure its admissibility in legal proceedings.

  • Digital Evidence Sources: Identify common sources of digital evidence, including computers, mobile devices, cloud services, and network logs.

  • Tools and Software Overview: Get introduced to essential digital forensics tools and software used in the field and their respective functions.

  • Case Study Analysis: Apply the knowledge gained in real-world case scenarios, dissecting digital evidence and understanding the investigative process.

  • Legal and Ethical Considerations: Discuss the legal and ethical aspects of digital forensics, including privacy laws, expert witness roles, and ethical conduct.

Additional Information

Course Format:

This two-day course combines instructor-led presentations, hands-on practical exercises, group discussions, and case study analyses. Participants will have access to basic digital forensics tools to gain hands-on experience and reinforce their learning.

Target Audience:

This course is designed for beginners and individuals with little to no prior experience in digital forensics, including students, IT professionals, cybersecurity enthusiasts, and anyone interested in understanding the foundations of digital investigations.

Delivery Method:

Live & Online

Additional Information:

Lunch and refreshments are included for all Live classes

By the end of this course, participants will have a solid grasp of digital forensics principles and practices, making them well-prepared to explore further avenues in the field or apply their newfound knowledge to enhance their understanding of the digital world and its investigative aspects.

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