OpenText™ EnCase™ Endpoint Security 6.05 is now available

OpenText™ EnCase™ Endpoint Security 6.05 is now available

Difseco is pleased to announce the release of OpenText™ EnCase™ Endpoint Security 6.05. This release includes new features and enhancements to further address the evolving challenges of information security. It provides near real-time visibility across your entire network while detecting anomalies on endpoints on or off the network.

Key new features of Endpoint Security 6.05

  • Continuous anomaly detection scans – The new enhanced agent continuously monitors and detects anomalies across all online or offline endpoints. Unlike other approaches to continuous monitoring, the work is done at the endpoint and only transmits data in the case of an alert, allowing it to be scaled up to the largest global networks.
  • New search wizard for all items of interest – The previous ‘Process Search’ has been redeveloped into the ‘Find Items of Interest’ wizard to locate files, connections and DNS entries.
  • Improved productivity and usability – Includes IP range support for Indicators of Compromise (IOC), remediation jobs and telemetry scans. Improves on the efficiency of the web interface by combining the critical, non-critical, custom and desktop target selections into a single screen.
  • Improved user experience – This release also features several significant updates to Endpoint Security’s web interface and workflows for a more intuitive and efficient user experience.

For more information, including new features and fixed issues, please refer to the EnCase Endpoint Security release notes.

Customers can download the software from OpenText My Support by visiting the link below: (My Support log on required)

For more information please contact us at: