New Cellebrite UFED Cloud analyzer 7.5 is available

New Cellebrite UFED Cloud analyzer 7.5 is available

With Cellebrites’ latest UFED Cloud Analyzer 7.5 release, users can benefit from five brand new capabilities that enable access to activity logs, search histories, pages, user group data and IP address records.

What’s new:

Apple iCloud Drive

  • Improvements in data retrieval from iCloud backup to support all versions up to iOS 11.1 with two-factor authentication and from 11.2 – 12 without two-factor authentication.

Facebook Data: Activity Logs, Search History, Pages, Groups, IP address

  • Extract information from the stories and photos a suspect was tagged in to find new leads or new suspects
  • Identify connections made when liking a page or adding someone as a friend, as well as comments posted, articles read, videos seen, places visited and more.
  • Flag if a suspect is a member or administrator of a certain page or group.
  • Surface the Facebook Log IP address records to identify a phone or computer’s location used to access an account. Data: Search and Purchase History, Postal Address, Credit Card Verification

  • New and first-to market Amazon data sources added including customers search history, purchase history and frequency of online shopping activities.
  • Viewing of the last 4 digits of a credit card registered on an Amazon account, including the billing and shipping addresses.

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