EnCase Forensic 8.07 is now available to download!

EnCase Forensic 8.07 is now available to download!

Guidance Software (now OpenText) is pleased to announce the release of EnCase Forensic 8.07.  In addition to the new indexing engine introduced in 8.06, this release now delivers new customer-driven enhancements designed to take forensic investigations to the next level.  Some of the exciting enhancements include new encryption support and Apple File System (APFS) support.  Guidance recommends that all customers upgrade to this latest release in order to have the best overall product experience and receive the latest fixes.

More information is available in the EnCase Forensic Release Notes and User Guide.

What’s New in EnCase Forensic 8.07

  • Newly Updated Encryption Supportnow includes Windows 10 Bitlocker XTS-AES, Dell Data Protection 8.17, and Symantec PGP v10.3, further empowering investigators to get the evidence they need when they need it
  • The new Apple File System (APFS)used in the Apple High Sierra operating system (macOS 10.13) is now supported
  • Investigators can now recover deleted or modified files, as well as full volumes, from Volume Shadow Snapshot (VSS)backups, or volume shadow copies, generated by Microsoft Windows