New Magnet Axiom v is released

New Magnet Axiom v is released

What’s included in the update:

AXIOM Process

– You can now use a known password to decrypt a McAfee encrypted computer image.
– When acquiring advanced Android images, you can now select “Other” if the device manufacturer isn’t listed.
– New recovery methods have been added that allow AXIOM to bypass the lock on some LG devices and create a physical image.
– Advanced MTP recovery methods have been implemented that allow AXIOM to image some versions of Samsung devices that are locked.  Useful when screens are damaged or even when MTP is disabled on the device.

AXIOM Examine

– AXIOM Examine and AXIOM Process now feature fully localized interfaces in all supported languages. Artifact names and fragments are also translated.
– You are now able to add new Cloud evidence to a case using a password or token that gets recovered from the Cloud Passwords and Tokens artifact

Mobile Artifact Updates

– iOS 11: Now includes support for displaying previews of HEIC files.
– Android Messages: Improvements to how attachments are recovered and displayed
– Android Accounts: Updated support for Nougat Accounts information.

Cloud Updates

– You can now add more cloud evidence directly from AXIOM Examine, using passwords and tokens recovered by the program.
– Google: Ability to select sub-services such as activity, timeline locations, connected apps, recent devices, and passwords, and acquire them from a Google account.

Major Fix

– One of the resource files in Magnet AXIOM, that contains the list of known malware URLs, was being quarantined by Antivirus programs. Because the file was no longer in the correct folder, Magnet AXIOM would crash. The resource files should no longer be quarantined.

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