Magnet Axiom Cloud- Best examination, reporting and recovery for cloud evidence

Magnet Axiom Cloud- Best examination, reporting and recovery for cloud evidence

AXIOM Cloud leverages the AXIOM platform to provide powerful analysis tools for cloud evidence, such as timeline, worldmap, chat threads, thumbnail views, and more. AXIOM Cloud seamlessly integrates with AXIOM Smartphone and AXIOM Computer for the most complete view of the digital evidence.

Cloud access, storage and computing have changed the way people work and store their information. As social media and data storage continue to move to the cloud, investigators need a way to extract evidence from cloud services and social networks. Additionally, many cloud apps have smartphone or computer artifacts stored within them, so examiners need a solution that will search for cloud and non-cloud artifacts to ensure they get the most information.

AXIOM Cloud retrieves data from services including Facebook Messenger, Facebook Timeline, Office 365, Google apps, iCloud, DropBox, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Hotmail, Outlook, Skype and more. AXIOM Cloud is the only solution that leverages both smartphone and computer artifacts when reviewing cloud data. This unique capability allows examiners to extract cloud evidence regardless of the file type (e.g. mobile or PC) and pull more evidence from cloud sources than the competition.

AXIOM Cloud enables examiners to extract, analyze and report on forensically relevant cloud services and social media networks. AXIOM Cloud can be used seamlessly with AXIOM Smartphone and AXIOM Computer to provide the most  comprehensive view of the digital evidence in a case.

Supported cloud storage services like Dropbox or Office 365 contain both PC and mobile artifacts, making it essential to utilize a solution that supports both PC and Mobile artifacts. In any given case there could be cloud, smartphone and computer evidence. Examiners need to see it all, and see how it all connects.

AXIOM Cloud ingests log-in tokens from third party images, enabling customers to access Google, Dropbox and Microsoft Cloud Services. AXIOM Cloud is the leading cloud forensics tool to support two-factor authorization for both iCloud and Google cloud services.


• Dropbox
• Facebook Messenger
• Facebook Timeline
• Gmail
• Google Activity
• Google Android Device Activity
• Google Assistant Activity
• Google Books Activity
• Google Chrome Activity
• Google Connected Apps
• Google Connected Devices
• Google Drive
• Google Finance Activity
• Google Help Activity
• Google Image Search Activity
• Google Location History
• Google Maps Activity
• Google News Activity

• Google Photos
• Google Play Music Activity
• Google Play Store Activity
• Google Search Activity
• Google Smartlock Passwords
• Google Trips Activity
• Google Video Search Activity
• Google Voice & Audio Activity
• Gsuite Google for Work
• Hotmail
• iCloud
• iCloud Calendars
• iCloud Drive
• iCloud Contacts
• iCloud Location
• iCloud Notes
• iCloud Photos

• iCloud Reminder
• iCloud Safari Bookmarks
• iCloud Safari History
• Instagram
• IMAP/POP email
• MSN Live
• Office365 Exchange
• OneDrive
• Outlook
• Skype Conversation History
• Twitter Followers/Following
• Twitter Tweets
• YouTube Activity

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